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Table 2 Results of changes over time in the retentive force during function

From: Changes in denture retention with denture adhesives and oral moisturizers for the oral cavity: an in vitro study

Before immersion 7.17 15.97 15.97 8.95
10 min 16.75 14.01 11.76 6.56
20 min 16.39 13.18 8.23 5.15
30 min 17.00 12.03 4.05 4.08
  1. NP, New Poligrip® Sa; Glaxo Smith Kline, Tokyo, Japan (cream-type denture adhesive); DM; Pitatto Kaiteki Gel®; NISHIKA (gel-type denture adhesive for dry mouth); BT, Biotene Oral balance Jell®; T&K, Tokyo, Japan (gel-type oral moisturizer); DW; Denture Wet®; DENTCARE (cream-type denture moisturizer)