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Fig. 3

From: LncRNA CACS15 regulates tongue squamous cell carcinoma cell behaviors and predicts survival

Fig. 3

CASC15 and miR-124 were inversely correlated in TSCC. Linear regression showed that expression levels of CASC15 and miR-124 in TSCC tissues were inversely correlated (a). But no significant correlation between CASC15 and miR-124 expression level in non-cancer tissues was observed (b). Fig. 4 CASC15 overexpression resulted in the downregulation of miR-124. Comparing to two controls (C, control; NC, negative control), expression levels of CASC15 and miR-124 were significantly upregulated at 24 h after transfections (a). CASC15 overexpression in TSCC cells caused downregulation of miR-124 (b). In contrast, overexpression of miR-124 showed no significant effect on CASC15 expression (*, p < 0.05)

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